Seniors Health & Fitness

Tuesday & Friday mornings at 8am

The Seniors Health & Fitness Package is a great unique exercise programme designed for members of the community who are over 50 years of age. This package incorporates a combination of exercises with the intention of strengthening health, body and mind.

With our partnering coaches from Sydney Community College, you will be guided through a combination of cardiovascular and resistence training.

Course Structure
Each class runs for 90 minutes and they have been designed to help you reach your fitness goals:

  • Feeling and looking fitter
  • Better flexibility, mobility and balance
  • Better management of arthritis, diabetes and blood pressure
  • Lowered risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Benefits of this package:
  • Strengthen muscles and joints
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Improve your coordination and agility
  • Maintain a health heart
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Enhance your overall health

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