Beginners Tennis

Beginners Tennis

Monday to Thursday Classes:

The Beginners Tennis program is designed to introduce adults to the fundmental skills of tennis whilst having fun along the way!

If you have never played tennis before, or have had no tennis coaching in the past, then this course if for you!

  • The total program is 10 weeks in duration.
  • The first 8 weeks are lessons, whilst the last two weeks are reserved for make up lessons in case of bad weather during the term.
  • If there is no rain during the first 8 weeks of term, then we’ll gladly offer an extra 2 lessons during the last two weeks of term.

Course content
Week 1: You will learn all the correct grips, footwork and forehands

Week 2: You will learn backhands and serves

Week 3: You will learn volleys and the overhead smash

Week 4: You will be introduced to rallying the ball, how to direct the ball, movement – side to side and forwards and backwards. Rallying will become more of a focus

Week 5: You will work on serving and returning, recap your grips for forehands and backhands

Week 6: You will start to focus on the scoring system used in tennis whilst continuing to develop your rallying and service skills.

Week 7: You will work on volleys and serves, as well as tactics in the singles game.

Week 8: The lesson will work on doubles positioning and tactics in the second half of the lesson

Week 9: Game Play / make up lessons

Week 10: Game Play / make up lessons

Sunday Classes:

  • Sunday classes are 8 weeks in duration and no make up classes are offered for rained out weeks.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.