Adele Strunc

Meet Our Coach

Adele Strunc

Adele grew up playing tennis in the Czech Republic among WTA players such as Petra Kvitova and the Pliskova sisters, and is very determined and inspiring coach! We are so lucky to have Adele as part of Camperdown Tennis coaching team.

After a serious injury cut short her professional playing career, Adele turned to coaching the game she loves in Prague, where she helped mould the next generation of talented players. In 2013, Adele moved to Australia where she joined the coaching team of Maccabi Tennis Paddington and Eastcourts Tennis Kingsford, coaching full time 6 days a week. In 2017, she moved to Northern Ireland to be the personal coach of Peter Galt (17 years old professional player, APEX Champion U18 2018) and worked as a senior coach at the exclusive tennis club for David Lloyd.

With a vast amount of experience with all ages and levels of expertise, Adele’s lessons are specifically based around the requirements of her clients (high performance tennis, cardio lessons, technical and footwork improvements, fun & improvement, social tennis).

Adele is more than ready to start coaching you ASAP!

To book Adele please email us directly